Stop The Department Of Justice Essay

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STOP THE MEGAMERGER: Tell the Department of Justice to reject the $66 billion Bayer-Monsanto deal >>
NAME – something scary is taking place right under our noses and no one seems to be noticing.
Last month, agricultural giant Monsanto accepted a $66 billion offer from chemical titan Bayer AG to merge into one enormous, unrestrictedly powerful, megacorporation.
That’s right – the producer of bee-killing neonicotinoids is joining forces with seller of glyphosate-packed herbicide responsible for mass butterfly deaths and unknown environmental effects.
Fortunately, before any deal can go through, the Department of Justice’s Anti-Trust Division needs to sign off on it. LCV is collecting 100,000 signatures to urge the Department to reject this dangerous deal. Will you join us?
SIGN THE PETITION: Don’t let Bayer and Monsanto threaten our honeybees
Earlier this year, the EPA released a report which blamed Bayer’s neonicotinoids for endangering and killing honeybees . This proposal is just one in a string of other proposed megamergers that threaten populations of critically important pollinators like honeybees and monarch butterflies.
Bayer and Monsanto have both argued this merger would benefit consumers and farmers…but we know better. This proposal is just one in a string of other megamergers that seek to put the world’s agricultural economy into the hands of a few giant corporations. With farming incomes reaching their lowest point since 2009 and the price of crops rising at…

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