Stereotyping Is A Person 's Childhood, Media, Peers And Attitude

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Several ways people are affected by stereotyping are: A person’s childhood, media, peers and attitude. There isn’t just one group that is affected more than the other. Everyone has been affected by stereotyping at least once in their life time. Usually there isn’t a group that does the stereotyping but sometimes you will run into a group of people that stereotype more than others. One group that is known to stereotype more than others is the “popular” group. Those kinds of people, no matter who you are they believe they are better than everyone.
Stereotyping happens because we let the things and people around us change our views of other people. As a child we are taught how we should treat others, which is with respect and not to treat them differently. Our childhood is definitely a factor in our stereotypical views of others. Even though we are taught how to treat others we still go off of our families’ view of other people, which is not always accurate. Our parents say things about how people look, dress, act, etc, and how those things make them have certain ways of characterizing them, meaning that when we get older we use what are parents say and use it as our way of viewing people. When Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie spoke about “The Danger of a Single Story.”(Adichie, 2012, TED talks). She talked about how her mom would characterize the house boy as poor, she only had that single story of him. Adichie then talked about how when she went to university her roommate only…

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