Stereotypes Of The Barbie

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Every single person in the American culture had seen a barbie. The barbie’s just a simple toy. Well started just as a simple toy and it grew and grew. The barbie’s a doll. It 's created to represent young adults girls or teenagers. The body is shaped way different than an ordinary “doll.” This type of doll has a skinny body, shaped body, and very catalyst. Barbie’s debut as the “teenage fashion model” mirrored the sophisticated glamour of 1950s stars like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, and Elizabeth Taylor. Also, the barbie has donning high arched brows, red lips, a flirty ponytail with curly bangs,and sideways glance. At the time barbie was represented as a white skin and blond doll, Even her figure was high fashion and model look. The doll has long slim legs and a narrow waist and hips. Many mothers agree with buying with type of toy to their daughters and many …show more content…
The dolls give the impression of a perfect thing, tall, perfect body. She lives a life full of goods, rich, and fun. Barbie was an ideal role model for all girls, or so it seemed. She is perfectly skinny, had a perfect boyfriend and family, perfect hair, and perfect house.Which influence girls to be the perfect as well. Statistics demonstrate that the average girl from ages three to eleven owns at least 10 Barbie dolls and spends hours playing with them and dressing them up. Not to mention that babies have everything to when it comes to things. People can buy individual wearing, clothes, shoes, hair stuff, and many more things. Young girls spend more time anyone spends time with anything, the more influence it has on them. So this perfect doll has not had the best impact on young girls. By the time a girl, it’s already eleven she has in her mind how is she supposed to look, Imagine having a girl played with barbies for several years now. The young girl has imagined how perfect women should look, and career to

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