Stereotypes And Symbols In The 1920's

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hats and bandeaus. The latter could be divided into categories: plain and adorned. “The plain bandeau was often worn for playing sports or with casual outfits” . Bandeaus “made of glittering fabrics” , adorned with feather, or a jewel, were worn to a more elegant ensembles. Cloche hats were much less extravagant piece of hair accessory. “They were close fitting, helmet-shaped hats that hugged the skull. They had deep rounded crowns with no brim or just a small curve at the edge” . Cloche hats made women look mystical, but at the same time, the accessory appeared to be dangerous. Because women used to wear them low, they could not see where they were walking. Cloche hats also emerged as popular wedding accessories. “Such bridal accessories were trimmed in lace or composed solely of veil” . …show more content…
Popularized by Coco Chanel, who introduced costume jewelry that was “big and bold with long strings of glass beads, dangling earrings, and many plastic bracelets stacked up on arms” , became a perfect addition to a daring “flapper girl” look.
As far as the shoe trends of the 1920’s are concerned, there was a sole one: high-heeled shoes. High-heeled shoes, “had one or two-inch chunky heel” and low-cut uppers. “At the beginning of a decade, uppers fastened to the foot with laces or straps with buttons on one side. As the decade continued, the ornamentation on the shoes became fancier and many shoes were designed to match whole outfit “ . T-strap sandals were especially daring, as they showed more skin. This particular shoe style became even more popular in the next

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