Stereotypes And Stereotypes Of Stereotyping Essay

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Stereotyping is a generalized view or preconception of attributes or characteristics possessed by, or the roles that are or should be performed by, members of a particular group (Cook & Cusack, 2011). This paper will go over the ways that stereotyping affects people in a negative way, and how stereotypes are common. It will go into detail by describing subsections that include; gender, image, culture, and place of origin. People can simply look at someone and characterize that person without actually getting to know him or her. It’s very common to stereotype because people associate a particular social group with certain attributes, characteristics, and roles (Cooks & Cusack, 2011, p.15)
Gender stereotyping includes positive and negative beliefs that are concerned with the characteristics of both women and men. Gender stereotyping affects both men and women but usually targets the woman more harshly (Cooks & Cusack, 2011, p.1). Gender is a very unique and interesting topic. “It has obvious links to the real world, first in the connection between many grammatical gender systems and biological size, which underpin particular gender systems and have external correlates”(Corbett, 2013). For example, gender-based violence against women is widely recognized as a critical concern in all parts of the world (Cooks & Cusack, 2011, p.28). Nowadays women are underrepresented in the business world today; women only make up 16 percent of corporate officers, and only 1 percent have CEO…

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