Stereotype Threat And Its Negative Impact Essay

821 Words May 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Stereotype threat is situation where individuals are at risk of confirming or accepting negative stereotype about their respective group. Stereotype threat research has become more popular in the science fields, especially in the psychology and neuroscience areas of focus. Stereotype threat research has broadened into several important focus areas. These focus areas of stereotype threat consist of academics, memory loss, and athletic and work-related performances. Stereotype threats typically have a negative impact or effect on someone. But, due to increased recent research, it has been proven that stereotype threat can have a positive effect on one’s mental state. This is according to research conducted by Dr. Sarah J. Barber in 2015 on stereotype threat and its positive impact or capabilities. Dr. Sarah J. Barber is a researcher at the University of Southern California at Davis and one of the main contributors to stereotype threat research, especially when relating to the biology field and neuroscience. For the research that was conducted, several research examples were selected due to their relatability to the field of neuroscience, especially in biology. Research on stereotype threats have increased in recent years however because of the increased curiosity in believing whether or not a stereotype or assumption from someone else can mentally change your abilities or perceptions and how long do these changes last for. This research was conducted to see how stereotype…

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