Stem Research On Stem Cell Research Essay

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From the beginning of 2011 to the end of 2013, the Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplant Research reported over 22,000 successful transplants creating a massive introduction to and excitement in the field of stem cell research and transplants (SCCA Transplant Program "Exceeds Expectations"). Stem cell research is the research of stem cell harvesting, from aborted fetuses or a patient’s body, as a possible cure. Stem cells are used throughout the body to resemble similar tissue cells. This process begins the healing of a patient due to the now functional previously damaged tissue. Stem cells are different from other cells due to their constant cell division and they can be “controlled” and have the ability to take perform special functions of certain tissues or organs (Stem Cell Basics). Stem Cell research and the use of stem cells in the medical field is a moral practice because it transforms an unwanted life to save another life, provides hope for a families, and can provide a potential cure for non-curable diseases. Stem cell research is based off of good purpose and morals because it uses the stem cells from an aborted fetus to cure a disease of another human being. In stem cell transplants, “Human Embryonic Stem Cells come from a five day old embryotic fetus. At around day five, the fetus contains 200-250 life altering cells that can be harvested for treatment use from the cellular blastocyst (Siegel, Andrew)” that are then transfused to a patient.…

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