The Controversy Over The Use Of Stem Cells

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Thousands of people are treated with stem cells every year in the United States. Stem cells are used in many different ways to better the world and save lives. People debate whether or not it is ethically okay to use stem cells for research. The government is funding this research, so the benefits most likely outweigh the moral issues.
There are a few unique properties that all stem cells share. One unique property is that stem cells are unspecialized. They do not have tissue-specific structures and are pluripotent. This means that stem cells can become almost any other type of body cell. Another unique property of stem cells is that they can divide and renew themselves for long periods of time. The stem cells are placed in a lab to replicate
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An argument that is in favor of stem cell research is that blastocysts under a week old are not developed into humans yet. An embryo isn 't considered a human until it is at least two weeks old. The benefits of stem cell research are also greater than ethical issues. Also, research will continue with or without government funding, so the government should fund this live saving research (Pros and Cons).
There are also many arguments against stem cell research. People argue that destroying embryos is also destroying innocent lives. Stem cells should only be used from babies that were aborted. Abortion isn 't a good thing, but at least the unborn babies will have somewhat of a purpose in life. A lot of taxpayers don 't think their money should be going towards something that they all don 't agree with.
My personal opinion on stem cell research is that it should be allowed and funded by the government. If I had a fatal disease that was curable or treatable with stem cells, I would be really glad that they did the research to save my life. I don 't think stem cells taken from embryos is considered destroying life. The embryos are not developed into human form, and therefore are used in research to save lives (Pros and

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