Steep Analysis On Fice Furniture Manufacturing Industry Essay

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STEEP Analysis To determine the social, technological, economic, environmental and political factors that most directly affect the office furniture manufacturing industry a STEEP analysis was conducted and the top four factors were further explored to gain a greater understanding. Table 1 shows these findings in more detail (refer to Appendix E for a fully executed STEEP analysis).
- Friendlier work environments
- Collaborative office spaces
- E-commerce
- Production Costs
- Certifications
- Imports from low-cost countries
Table 1. Top Four Factor STEEP Analysis
Top Four Factor STEEP Analysis
Social: Friendlier Work Environments & Collaborative Office Space

Within the Office Furniture Industry, we have witnessed a vast change in the Social spectrum of the STEEP analysis. Many new social norms have risen to the surface such as: collaborative workspaces, healthy ergonomic arrangements and standing tables. Companies have opted out of the norm: a cubicle like office layout, instead a friendlier environment is key. For example, Google. They have been the innovators of the collaborative office space. One of their ideas was to have an entire office on wheels (Sharma, 2013). Every aspect of their furniture is able to be pushed around with ease; creating a flexible work environment which enables group activities and shifts within groups within no time.
This has changed the perception of office furniture, turning it from a…

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