`` Stealing `` By Carol Ann Duffy And The Planned Child By Sharon Olds

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“Stealing” by Carol Ann Duffy and “The Planned Child” by Sharon Olds both explore themes of issues in our modern world using similar poetic devices, as well as contrasting devices. “Stealing” describes a thief explaining how he stole a snowman, and what has led him to commit crimes. “The Planned Child” is about a child who hated the fact that she was planned, but realises that her mother loves her anyway. The tone and mood of the two poems are unlike and each conveys the poem’s themes uniquely. Diction and imagery are very similar, as well as its use to develop the character or storyline. Structure and form are the two devices which are applied most similarly.

Tone and mood differ between Olds’ and Duffy’s poems. “Stealing” uses a frustrated and antagonistic tone in some parts, but also shifts to a helpless and melancholy tone, this is shown through words such as “piercing” and “mucky”. This is used to illustrate the mental instability of the thief. The mood of the poem is very similar to the tone, but angled further toward the depressed and melancholy side, primarily due to the subject matter of the poem and the thief’s unemployment and loneliness, using words, such as “alone” and “boredom”. “The Planned Child” employs an infuriated and resentful tone directed towards the character’s mother, which then switches to a grateful and sympathetic tone also focused on the character’s mother expressing their compassion, using diction such as, “”haste” and “bearing”. The effects…

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