Statistical Quality Essay

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Assignment 1
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1) Deming, Juran and Feigenbaum all agree the importance of quality management. Though all have different guidelines to achieving such quality levels, we can accept that all three have agreed on a particular aspect. Deming believed that management of system for improving quality lies in the management section. To strive for the top quality, management must take action to find opportunities for quality improvement. This can relate to Juran's philosophy which focuses on: planning, control, and improvement. Management must plan the proper methods to identify external customers and their needs. Control is used in the operating forces to make sure the product/service meets the requirement and improvement
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Quality control and improvement is responsible for the management and improvement of the output product or service. They must ensure that all products and services meet requirements and improved for future use.

1-14. Both internal and external failure costs are important when encountering a problem with a product. In my opinion, external costs would be slightly more important than internal failure costs. Firstly, external costs occur when the product does not perform satisfactorily after it is delivered to the customer. These costs include; complaint adjustment, returned product/material warranty charges, liability costs and indirect costs. I believe this is more important that internal failure costs because the supplier is now dealing with the customers themselves and not only the internal operations. Business reputation, market share and future business will be in jeopardy if the product does not meet customer standards. The cost for covering warranty and refund, as well as having to recall products would cost a lot because if the problem of the product is discovered, the supplier must now look into its supply chain, product development and quality process to fix the problem for future products. This is attached to the internal failure costs because the supplier, on top of the

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