Why I Want To Be A Nuclear Engineer

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I am Syed Nafiz hasan and I am a graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from North South University. I want to pursue MS in Nuclear Application course at FH AACHEN University of Applied Science. As an Engineering student, I have realized that I need to acquire more theoretical and practical knowledge and need to spend more time in research to prosper in my career. For this, research oriented advanced studies and hands-on experience in new technology accompanied by in-depth knowledge of the subject are really important and best choice for me. I know a graduate program needs high dedication and perseverance and I believe I am mentally prepared for this.

For my higher studies, I have chosen nuclear applications as for me this is
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Conventional energy sources are decreasing day by day and for power generation, the world needs alternative sources. Use of nuclear technology for power generation is the best option for solving energy crisis problem and for the huge amount of power generation nuclear technology is the perfect option. This technology is cost effective and also pollution free. As a EEE graduate I have an interest in power systems and among various branches of nuclear technology, I want to be specialized in Nuclear Power Technology as I think this is the best option for me. For me, this is the most attractive technology and I want to acquire broad knowledge in this technology. I want to achieve theoretical, practical, industrial knowledge in this field to quench my thirst for this technology. During my undergraduate program, I got to know about the importance of nuclear technology and from then, I am eagerly waiting to learn various aspects of this technology and to work with nuclear technology. My engineering knowledge in EEE has helped me realize that nuclear technology can be broadly used in the electrical engineering field and I believe my knowledge …show more content…
For study and research in nuclear technology, I believe this university is the best choice for me. This nuclear applications program has been awarded as one of the best five nuclear study programs by Nuclear Engineering International in 2013 and 2014. With well equipped laboratories this institute has collaboration with research centers and provides students all modern facilities for research. This program has close partnerships with leading nuclear industries and power companies. This institute is a foundation member of CHERNE and a contributor to the German Nuclear Competence Alliance in Nuclear Technology. For research in nuclear technology, I believe this institute has the best facilities. To broaden my knowledge in nuclear technology I need theoretical, practical and industrial training and this institute can provide me that facilities. Practical research projects of this masters program will enrich my understanding and knowledge on topics related to nuclear applications and will enable me to conduct independent and applied research. This prestigious institute provides its student a perfect environment for research which I really need. I think i will be able to acquire deep , wide-ranging knowledge of nuclear science and technology from this program. The structure of this program is such that I

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