Starbucks Is Calling For You Analysis

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Starbucks Is Calling For YOU Expresso. Cappuccino. Frappuccino. Billions of choices, filled with sugar, spice, and just about anything you could dream of. So how did they do it? There’s a lot more to this company than most of us care to understand. However, if you dig a little deeper, all the pieces will come together. Like a siren calling you to crash, your coffee will do just the same. It all started in Seattle, Starbucks wanted to capture that attention of all the business the seaports brought. So, the company looked for an appeal, something nautical. They stumbled across a sixteenth century two-tailed mermaid, it was love at first site. From that day forward, the mysterious mermaid would be the face of a company that everyone would come to know.
Surprisingly, the Starbucks webpage did not touch
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She is a siren, a ship crasher. A murderer. Just know, the company will continue to grow and change. The original logo is only sold at the original Starbucks in Seattle, so not many people have the time or patience to question the famous cup of brew. There are already new logos and designs coming out for Starbucks, including, but not limited to, a one-tailed mermaid. The company has seemed to move away from the images with nipples and a split tail being held open. The original logo was based off a picture of a siren who had a woman’s genitalia, however they were just turned into part of the tail for Starbucks. The company has moved further and further from the sexist logo. Either way, mermaids and sirens do not have a great track record in Greek mythology. They lured, taunted with sex, sang beautiful songs, and KILLED. Starbucks may have realized the two tails caused too much curiosity and are trying to make more simplistic designs. Although, the more they change their logo, the more I think they lose their

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