Star Factor And Personal Relationships Essay examples

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Star factor and personal relationships

For a modern audience, it is easy to assume that the social ills of big budget Hollywood are a sign of decadent contemporary society. Social faux pas, dramatic falls from grace, and feuding spoilt starlets are a symptom of the ever popular celebrity gossip and rumour; now so instantly accessible due to the rise of internet technology.
However, when we examine some first-hand accounts of drama and scandal present upon the sets and in the offices of big budget Hollywood at the end of the Golden Age, we can construct the idea that movies such as Spartacus were vulnerable, not just to the escalation of political and religious tensions, but also, the far more personal scale of individual ego and creative desire. This was caused by the sheer scale of big Hollywood names that Kirk Douglas managed to get contracted into the movie, through a manipulation of different copies of the script that emphasised each of their respective characters.
To begin, we have the man spearheading the production in more ways than one, as both executive producer and main actor, Kirk Douglas. He is quoted as stating that the original reason behind the conceptualisation of this movie was a direct response to his rejection for the title role in the movie Ben Hur, released just one year earlier. It was the decision of William Wyler, the director of this movie that the leading role would go to Charlton Heston, with Douglas offered the secondary part of the eventual…

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