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Research on Stanford

Prison Experiment

The whole purpose of the Standard Prison Experiment was to see if roles affect people’s behavior and to see if you were to put decent people in an evil place if the humanity would remain or disappear. Phillip Zimbardo believed that roles had a power effect on behavior and he was right!

The experiment location was in the basement of Jordan Hall, Standard’s psychology building.

“The experiment that inspired a novel, two films, countless TV programs, re-enactments and even a band.”

They advertized the experiment in the news paper and for fifteen dollars a day, a lot of people volunteered.
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Not only was Zimbardo the creator of the experiment, he also took the role as the superintendent of the prison. He admitted that he also was getting drawn into his role more and more. The security of the prison was becoming his main concern. As he got more into the role, he almost forgot the aim of the experiment. It was not a good idea for him to take part of a role in the experiment.

The prisoners were put through a lot of pain and embarrassment; Philip should have shut it down sooner. The prisoners were often stripped down and physically assaulted, sometimes forced to do sexual things with other prison mates, and most of the time they had to sleep on the cold concrete floor. The experiment was torture on the prisoners and was straight up wrong to keep it on for six days.

Philip Zimbardo
Craig Haney
W. Curtis Banks
David Jaffe

Help from: The Palo Alto police

The experiment got quite out of hand, it was suppose to last two weeks, but they had to shut it down after only six days, because the situation was becoming so real to keep the experiment going. The experiment was going too far, the guards were turning abusive and the prisoners were extremely stressed and emotionally depressed.

After the experiment was over, Zimbardo wrote a book basically apologizing for what he put the participants through. He didn’t want it to go to

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