Standpoint Theory Is Defined By Jandt Essays

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Standpoint Theory

Define Standpoint theory is defined by Jandt (2012) as, “How individuals understand and construct a social world. rather than the belief that each of us must choose a single identity, standpoint theory contends that each of us can construct multiple identities. Standpoint theorist also incorporate the construct of power. Individuals whose identities include less powerful groups can see the world from that perspective as well as from the standpoint of those in power. However, those from more powerful groups never develop the need to see the world from the standpoint of the oppressed classes.” (p. 340).

After applying standpoint theory to my life I have seen it pop up in many places. I used to work as a camp counselor, during my time as a there were times where I had to be different versions of myself, I had to construct little social and cultural environments that were appropriate from the situations I found myself in. When I boil it down I had three identities solely based around my job; myself around my coworkers, myself around my management, myself around the kids, . The self that I portrayed around my coworkers was my true self my full sense of humor, how I talk, my tastes in media, and how I normally socialize. Times when I was solely around my coworkers we all shared a similar childhoods, went to the same schools, knew similar people. There were no expectations of acting a certain way or holding extra sensitivities. Due to this, I was able…

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