Standardized Tests For Children 's Potential Growth Essay

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Although standardized tests aid in providing students, teachers, and even school board members with a guideline for the learning process, in the end the overall effects of such tests become questionable as they deter student’s potential growth. The list of standardized tests has grown tremendously throughout the years, originally beginning with the SAT and the ACT. These two tests alone have become a small part of this checklist of tests every student must face before reaching college. In today’s society it’s difficult to locate a student in a household who hasn’t experienced a standardized test. Initially administered to evaluate and compare student performance throughout the rest of the state, the country, and the world, these tests have become every aspect of a student’s education. The stress that this places on the student knowing what their score can mean about the rest of their life is something that has become a huge concern. Some students find themselves in an unfair position as many students have different strengths such as there being the categories of students who are good test takers and those who are bad test takers. Neither prove to correlate with the fact that the student simply knows the material or doesn 't. Such stress being placed on the students can ultimately lead to loss of willingness to learn and can affect potential learning growth.

Students aren’t the only ones seeing the corruption that is taking place here.…

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