Standardized Student Assessments : Standardized Tests Essay

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Standardized Student Assessments

The use of standardized tests has increased more in the past thirteen years than

since their initiation into the schooling system in the mid-1800s (Concordia University,

n.d.). This examination system has been causing an increasing amount of problems

ever since. Standardized tests come in the way of natural learning; through over-testing

students, there is the risk of “teaching to the test” (, n.d.), and many hours of

classroom time are wasted to allow for the numerous tests to take place. The stress

caused by these tests should be dealt with.

Standardized tests are not very accurate. These tests are given at a specific

time and without room for variation in any way. Psychological studies have proven that

students learn differently based on their personalities and strengths, and that the same

students will also perform differently depending on the situation, setting, and outside

stimuli (Popham, 1999). Assessing students in a very short space of time therefore

provides a very narrow perspective into their abilities and learned skills. There is no

room for deviation based on a student’s learning style or limited abilities on a specific

At the same time, the need for a standardized method of assessing student

achievement is critical. It is needed for the betterment of schools and education. It is

necessary for students and their families to have a clear understanding of where they

are holding…

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