Essay on Standardized Reading Inventory ( Qri ) Test

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Shevaun was given the Qualitative Reading Inventory (QRI) test. The QRI test is a test that is used to assess a student’s ability to recognize words and comprehend information within a text correctly. According to Lencher et al. (2008) “weak readers overrely on context and recognize words in context more easily than out of context” (p. 68). It can also be used to assess a child’s ability to read aloud, fluency rate and their ability to retell the information that was read. The test consists of a list of twenty words for each grade level from pre-primer to high school level. The complexity of the words gradually increased by grade level. I administered this assessment on October 26, 2016, to find out Shevaun’s instructional reading level to determine his strengths and opportunities to move to the next level. Shevaun was given the pre-primer examiner word list to begin. He was asked to read the words in each column from top to bottom. If he pronounced two words incorrectly, that would put him at the independent level, if he got three or four words incorrectly that would put him at the instructional level and if he got more than six words incorrect that would put him at the frustration level. My aim was to identify Shevaun’s reading level and used the data to minimize him getting frustrated or using too much mental energy. When Shevaun read a word correctly and automatically, I put a check mark beside the word. If he was unable to decode the word correctly and automatically, I…

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