Essay on Stage 3

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UMUC Haircuts Areas for IT Concentration
Stage 3
Andrew Vaughn
University of Maryland University College


In last few stages of our analysis and an IT solution was proposed of having a customer scheduling software used to help manage UMUC Haircuts customer schedule. The software that was looked at was BOOKFRESH scheduling software. This software would allow customers to dictate Myra’s schedule for her and allow for easy review via a computer used at work, home, or even on mobile platform devices. Although this adds another way of scheduling appointments, this removes a lot of unnecessary steps that were present before in the flow of the process. This streamlines the process and makes it
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Authentication Medium Since this software requires a level of trust in individuals, it is important that the operator of the software has the appropriate credentials to use this software. You do not want someone who is willing to give their password so that someone else can access the information store on the cloud server.
Encryption High In order for information to not be taken off the computer while being sent via the internet and/or transmission path it is necessary for proper encryption. This makes the software even more secure and BOOKFRESH uses encryption to secure any and all transmissions of data.
Cloud Computing High This software relies on highly on cloud computing for storage of appointments and customers information. If the cloud goes down so does productivity of the salon.
Enterprise Systems (ERP, CRM, SCM) Medium Since this software allows for multiple pieces of data to be transmitted and store, there is opportunity for an enterprise to arise from it. Since you can pay online using this software you can connect it directly to your bank or financial provider. You can also connect it to your supply chain management by look at how many different services are requested and the amount of supplies that will need to be ordered. This however doesn’t affect the business process improvement since we are looking into the strategic area if customers.

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