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Introduction: The Cross-Cultural Approach

Myth: is a story or example believed as true from a religion or culture group (usually an origin story) (The Prophet Mohamad PBUH is true for all Muslims)
-myth comes from the greek word “muthos” which means word:
-“muthos” are not literal words (they are metaphors)
-“logos” are literal words

The difference between Myth, Legends, Fairytales
Myth: origin stories
Legends: stories that may or may not be believed
Fairytales: stories that starts with “once upon time” (Cinderella, Sleeping beauty, etc.) these have moral part behind it

Occult: it is the hidden knowledge (super natural) like the mark on the chocolate bar or soft drinks (MC  Montréal Kosher, COR 34)

Magic: There is
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They only serve whoever is paying them. They used to advice more than putting and doing spells.
• Warlock  A male witch, he used to break oaths.

Cultural Models:
1. Hunter-gatherer: they own what they can pack up and take with them; move erv y 4 to 6 weeks; not about the material possession of stuff; small groups of 10 to 15 people usually related by marriage or blood; they follow the migration of animals and plants; no specific address but rather ranges
-they have celebrations few times a year (wedding) where they trade feood and handcrafts
-they do not recognize a hierarchy in the spiritual world (human=tree=bear)
-shaman: a bridge between the human and non-human world
2. agrian/agriculturalist: make their own food and plant their own vegetables; do not travel in order to take care of their crops; the weather is extremely important because their plants and food rely on it
-begin to have a god or goddess of wind, the river, the rain in order to pray for the right weather
-you begin to have a hierarchy
-people begin to specialize and trade
3. urban: large numbers of unrelated people living together
-people specialize and there is a hierarchy (your job, class, name)

The Hierarchy:
1. Elite (kings, queens, royal family)
2. Religion (read stars, priests)
3. Noble

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