Essay on Sports During The 1960 ' S

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Sports in the 1960’s

Professional athletes are celebrities in today’s world. The superstars of their sport get paid millions of dollars every year. They are also role models for many young people that wish to play the same sport. But it wasn’t always that way; however, sports have always been affected by the culture of that time. In the 1960’s sports have been affected by war, racism, and politics.

The Vietnam War and political assassinations of the 1960’s were paramount. A shocking event that occurred during this time period was the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. He was a civil rights leader for the African Americans and helped the integration process. On the day of his assassination, he was planning to march in protest for African Americans in Memphis, Tennessee. This event fueled many other blacks to protest for civil rights (“Martin Luther King”). Another assassination took place during this decade, and it was the President John F. Kennedy. He began to campaign for re-election in Texas, On November 22 as JFK was riding with his wife in a motorcade through downtown Dallas, gunman Lee Harvey Oswald fired shots at the president killing him (“John F. Kennedy”). Later that evening Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as President of the United States. Soon after President Johnson declared war on North Vietnam. Which led to the drafting of young American men to fight in the war. There were thousands of Americans who fought, and many others who protested…

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