Essay Sports Are Physical Activities For Athletes

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Denazification of sports Sports are physical activities applied to compete in games, complete certain task, or achieve a goal for an individual athlete or a team. One team or individual will win or and the other one loses; rarely ever will there be a draw. They play sports worldwide for fun, for hobbies, to stay physically fit or as their actual jobs. When sports have teams, everyone has a role, they must fill these roles and must contribute to their team for success. In the 1936 Berlin Games, there were many different races, countries, color and regions competing in the Olympics thus, you could see all the teams and individuals competing to see which is the dominant race is above all and also for gold in the Olympics. Many races and all sorts of religions were competing in these Olympics, all except non-Aryan, Jewish Germans. These types of Non-Aryan Jews, were banned from competing in the Olympics to represent Germany. They may not even exist on the ranking at all for the Olympics. Hitler didn’t want them to compete at all just because he felt Aryans were the dominant race. Hitler only put Aryans to compete. The 1936 Berlin Games showcased the Aryan’s race’s superiority to validate Hitler’s actions in Germany. He felt it was correct to have women be used just for birth to populate the world with “the perfect German”; a blue eyed blonde haired German boy. These Berlin games were an attempt of what Hitler…

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