Sports And Physical Activity Helps Improve Child 's Health And Academic Performance

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Sports and Physical activity help improve child’s health and academic performance

There is no question that sports and physical activity is great for kids: It teaches them to socialize; it also helps develop their muscles and maintain a healthy weight. Getting kids active is an important part of their upbringing and a healthy habit to continue into adulthood. Physically fit kids perform better in school, are happier and they pride themselves in achieving academic success. Kids that are active in sports or physical activities perform better on academic standardized tests.

Social skills are learned at an early age, helping kids adapt in any group setting activity. For most children social skills come very easy but their true athletic potential is sometimes never explored because they are never placed in a competitive environment. Dr. Sylvia Rimm Ph.D is a psychologist and the director of the Family Achievement Clinic in Cleveland, OH., she stated that “Some children are natural Athletes; sports are good for building confidence” but for kids who are not involved in sports their rue potential can never be discovered. Honesty, teamwork and respect for themselves and others are some of the traits kids learn in sport participation. Sports programs and physical activity improve the learning performance of children, encouraging school attendance and a desire to succeed academically. Sports and physical activities enhance social skills and builds positive…

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