Sports and Leisure Essay

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Sports and Leisure Comparison
Spain and Cuba have many sports and leisure activities available. The sports include several water activities and even the games of baseball and football. The leisure activities may include time unwinding with the help of listening to music, dancing, eating, and drinking. Each activity, regardless of the country, has cultural importance as well as entertainment value.
Sports and Leisure Activities in Spain
There are a large variety of sports and leisure activities enjoyed in Spain. Many water sports are enjoyed from Spring into Fall due to the agreeable weather. Boating, water skiing, sailing, and sunbathing are the most enjoyed activities due to the many beaches of Spain during these months. Other sports
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Spain is the only country in the world that still condones the harness acts of grooming the Toro bull for entertainment purposes. Even though, bullfighting has been a tradition since ancient time. In today’s respected world, animal right groups have become advocates against the cruelty of animals (Sports in Spain, n.d.).
Leisure time for Spaniards is one of relaxation and time with friends and family. Tapa hopping is referred to as bar hopping. Spaniards bar hop to try out different food and drink that are free. In comparison to the United States Americans just go to a bar to dance and have a drink. This is also similar to Spaniards. Spaniards love to dance and have fun with all the beautiful culture among them. Spain is full of life, history and has become a tourist scene for all to see (Sports in Spain, n.d.).
Sports and Leisure Activities in Cuba
Cuba is located in the Caribbean's which as we know is gorgeous, located by the water which is where they spend their time. Cuba is well known for their clear water which helps the natives commit to fishing, as well as searching for the many different water creatures located there. With their water being a top historic match, we can expect them to do things like water diving and water skiing.
In each culture, it is normal to have chosen a specific sport. It is said that Cuba considers Baseball their national sport. Cuba has claimed baseball as their sport,

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