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Spirometry Lab Report: Name__________ Lab Section: 1 2 3 Lab Partner(s) _________________ Use your PowerPoint notes, lab book, text book, your data, and the Internet to answer the following questions. All reports must be typed and stapled. All reports must be in your own words. One student from each group should include the LabTutor-generated data tables and/or graphs.

Exercise 1: Pulmonary function tests

Respiratory parameter Units Experimental Value Predicted Value*
BPM 14
TV L 0.490L
IRV L 1.984L
ERV L 0.905L
RV L 1.45L
* Go to: http://www.dynamicmt.com/dataform3.html to calculate your predicted values.
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Explain the pathologies of Obstructive and Restrictive pulmonary diseases. Include in your discussion why these pathologies result in the signs and symptoms of each disease class. Also name at least two conditions associated with each major pulmonary disease class (i.e. Chronic Bronchitis-Obstructive) (3 pt).
- Obstructive pulmonary diseases have shortness of breath due to difficulty exhaling all the air from the lungs. Because of damage to the lungs or narrowing of the airways inside the lungs, exhaled air comes out more slowly than normal. At the end of a full exhalation, an abnormally high amount of air may still linger in the lungs.
* Two conditions associated with obstructive pulmonary diseases are:
a) Asthma
b) COPD which include the emphysema and chronic bronchitis.
- Restrictive pulmonary diseases cannot fully fill their lungs with air. The lungs are restricted from fully expanding.
* Two conditions associated with restrictive pulmonary diseases are:
a) Pneumonia:
b) Scoliosis
7. Describe the physiology of the FEV1/FVC ratio and what is the clinical significance of an abnormal ratio? DO NOT provide the definition of the ratio (3 pt). - The significance is that it describes the effectiveness of how well an individuals lungs can turn over its total volume in 1 second. - The clinical significance of an abnormal ratio is
8. What values have been affected by simulated airway restriction?
9. Are these values the

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