Spirituality, Women 's Issues, Sustainability, And Social Justice

1052 Words Dec 12th, 2016 5 Pages
Many things in life can leave an impact and help lead a person down pathways. Community has been and will continue to be a part of everyone’s life. No matter where a person lives a community is always near. Communities are usually a place that has a certain feel with the people within the community. Four themes that are a part of almost every community and leaves an impact in today’s world are spirituality, women’s issues, sustainability, and social justice. These themes may touch base with some and to others not at all, but in the end they are present in almost all lives. Each theme has an individualized definition and idea, but when the four come together as one it leaves people thinking of a possibility of a better world if we all would participate to achieve the ideas that would benefit everyone. Spirituality is an intangible feeling that most people have. The definition of spirituality to one person could relate to the person’s religious beliefs but to the person across the street spirituality could mean connecting with an idea on an unexplainable level. I believe that spirituality is a connection between you and something bigger in your life that has a larger meaning to you and your beliefs. Being spiritual is to believe in something and to connect with that power and to live your life to the best of the abilities in the beliefs of that higher power. Spirituality and religion can be connected but the difference is hidden in the way the questions are asked. In…

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