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 Spirituality In the following I will explain what the author Ortberg, in his book” The Life You’ve Always Wanted, means by “It’s Morphing Time.” I will explain and give examples from my own experiences of “Boundary Marker Spirituality.” I will also explain Ortberg’s meaning regarding “What the Spiritual Disciplines are NOT.” Finally I will describe and discuss from my own experience the signs of “Wise Spiritual Training.” It’s Morphing Time The author

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2) “Spiritual disciplines are not necessarily unpleasant.” Ortberg explains that most of us think that in order for us to do something that counts as a spiritual discipline, it probably would mean doing something that we would preferably not do. 3) “Spiritual disciplines are not a way to earn favor with God.” Meaning we should not practice spiritual disciplines to earn brownie points. These disciplines are for us, they give our life value and in turn help up achieve transformation or teach us to “Morph”
Wise Spiritual Training
The author speaks about wise spiritual training as starting with a clear decision, you have to decide and commit. “There will be times of desolation and times of consolation. Times where we are close to God and times where we are not. Wise training respects the freedom of the spirit. Spiritual transformation is the work of God. Wise training respects our unique temperament and gifts. Whatever your natural temperament may be, it is not a barrier to your spiritual growth.” (Ortberg, Chapter 3). For me I try to read the bible as much as possible, I am in continued communication with God. I take every experience in life as an opportunity for spiritual growth. I do not question God’s plan.
Finally I can say that what I learned from Ortberg is that in order for us to “Morph” there must be a change from with in. In our lives we will encounter what
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