Essay on Spirital vs Secular Recovery

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Final Self-Assessment:
Reflection & Response

Charles Bates

College Study Skills PS1100
Professor Wright
June 5, 2014

Since beginning my college journey this year, I have attempted to examine my choices and actions on a daily basis. My goal is to live a life and make decisions that are consistent with the word of God, and to stay true to that goal, it has been important for me to engage in daily prayer and self-reflection. When comparing my self-assessment scores from the beginning and end of this course, my most significant increases were demonstrated in the areas of “believing in myself” and “employing interdependence”.1 In this self-assessment, I will reflect on what I think has contributed to these improvements,
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Once I was accepted into a university, I promised myself I would overachieve at everything; after all, I had a lot to make up for. I started with turning in complete, well-thought assignments, attending every class with excitement, and incorporating the Skip Downing On Course lessons to my everyday life. The most effective strategy I have learned from the Downing text is C.O.R.E. system (collect, organize, rehearse, evaluate).2 I believe this has had the most impact on my view of believing in myself outside of my faith. Another area that I improved significantly on is employ interdependence, and I think this area goes hand-in-hand with belief in myself. Since I have started college coursework, I have gained great confidence by seeing myself differently through meaningful relationships with other people of faith. We often talk about what God is doing in our lives, and how grateful we are for the many opportunities He has blessed us with. Encouragement from other brothers and sisters in Christ is one of the greatest support mechanisms I have ever experienced. Going into ministry will require me to be selfless and willing to help others by letting them know they can be victorious in all they do through faith. Recognizing and striving based on this interdependence has become increasingly evident through my relationships with my family and coworkers. Before, I would shrink away from

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