Speech : Policy Speech Outline Essay

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COMM 110 / 150
Policy Speech Assignment / Preparation Outline Template

I. Introduction

Attention getter: Alright, so what if I told you there were over 1.5 million drug arrests in the year 2014 alone in the US, and 1.2 million or 83% of those arrests were just for possession (drugpolicy.org). Of the 700k marijuana arrests, 88% of all arrests were solely for possession of the drug.

Establish credibility: As someone who has had a relative arrested for possession of a drug (marijuana, don’t be too alarmed), I strongly believe the US should end the war on drugs because of the overcrowding of hundreds of thousands of people in jails, because of the money being put into a program by the US government that isn’t working, and because stopping the war would severely hurt the cartels.

Give the audience a reason to listen: I know you’re probably asking yourself why you should care about this, but as we are transitioning into a stage in our lives where we will have to pay taxes, it’s important to know where that money is going to. The war on drugs is spending $50 billion to make America drug free (alternet.org) Due to Congress passing the Higher Education Act in 1998, if you have a drug offense even for something as small as marijuana possession, you will be denied or delayed federal financial aid for college, which as all of us know that a college degree is becoming as common as a high school diploma, and not being able to afford college because of a minor marijuana possession…

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