Speech On Windward Commons Is The Newest Residence Hall At Armstrong State University

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Windward Commons is the newest residence hall at Armstrong State University. Windward is a fairly nice institution with a relaxed feel for the students from the smiles of the people working behind the desk to the different “chill spots” for students to have entertainment or to just simply study. The vivid signs that cluster the walls inform the students about what’s going on throughout campus. The student’s personal dorm rooms are nice and spacious, whereas, most rooms are tiny and cramped. Windward is a great place for any student to live in especially college freshman because it has everything in that one building such as kitchens, and laundry rooms. However, Windward needs some minor adjustments to improve the living conditions for students. For example, to make Windward more like a home for students they should have a drain in front of the building, there needs to be a laundry room on each floor, and a trash shoot closer to the room. A day in Savannah will start off bright, beautiful and sunny with the birds chirping with a light crisp breeze. However, Savannah’s weather proves to be extremely bipolar because, within the blink of an eye the former sunny sky will become dark and the once beautiful day will become rainy and gloomy. Whenever, it rains in Savannah it pours down and causes numerous huge puddles throughout the Armstrong campus. The worst puddle appears to be right in the front of Windward. Under some circumstances, puddles do not seem very significant because…

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