A Girl Shows Out Too Much Analysis

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That boy is so mean. That girl is so fat and ugly. That boy fags way too much. That girl shows off too much. That boy has no friends. That girl is so awkward. They get poor grades. They always be partying and getting high. He’s rich and dim-witted. She’s beauty without brains... STOP!
Stop judging people. Stop comparing them to your own so called standards. Step out of that confined world you’re living in. Just because you feel self-righteous or have your own insecurities to deal with doesn’t mean you got to spread hatred everywhere you go. Why not spread the love? Why not create a world where people don’t have to fight over things like money, caste, religion, weight, height, success, nationality, skin colour, looks, greed, jealousy and fame?
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But education alone does not necessarily enlighten people or wake people up. It does not help one realise the countless possibilities, feats and wonders the world could achieve if we could all just learn to love and spread love. There are several educated people who have so much hatred in their hearts that they are willing to fight other people and even kill just to satisfy their own needs and happiness. They simply can’t acknowledge the fact that what they are doing is wrong. They fail to see the big picture, to realise that there are two sides to every story and that the world may seem different when you step into their shoes. And this, my friends, is quite depressing. So, I hope that through this blog, I can explain how a few simple changes in your life and others, can gradually create a world full of love and …show more content…
So what if people are different? What happened to variety is the spice of life? You can only grow as an individual if you have been acquainted with a diverse group of people. Be sure to include at least two members of every possible minority group possible. It will make life more interesting. Don’t be quick to judge. Everyone acts a certain way for a reason and if you can’t fully understand it, don’t say anything about it. And if you are in the minority, I know the world can be a scary place so let’s hold hands and face it all

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