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Rubab Rahat Kath and Mouse 1. The nickname given to Helen is Mouse. Kathryn Morris aka Kath gave her this nickname because Helen “did look like a mouse, with mouse-brown hair and small, sharp features”. Helen is called Mouse because she is very quiet, shy, and passive. She is not confident enough to confront Kath for being mean to her; instead she “ducks her head like she’s been hit”. Helen is called Mouse because she behaves like an underdog who doesn’t speak up for herself against Kath. 2. The story takes place in a school during winter, “It was about ten below zero”. The setting signifies a normal school life of the present where one meets all sorts of people; both good and bad, bullies, friends, and etc. The mood and …show more content…
7. Kath humiliates and embarrasses Helen to decide whether she fits in with the group. Kath calls her Mouse. She picks up on Helen in the school bus on the way home and humiliates her because of her backpack that she got at a garage sale. Also, in gym the next day, Kath and her friends play a trick on Helen leaving her out in the cold for some time. Kath embarrasses Helen by calling her a klutz, “Go get the ball, you klutz”. 8. Kath’s reason for centering Helen out and trying to make her feel unwelcome is because Kath is very insecure. Deep down, she knows she is not “the queen of the world”, but pretends to be such. Kath knows that Helen is very talented and a terrific singer, however she centers Helen out so she doesn’t lose her significance and importance among her peers. 9. Christine is significant to the story because she is someone who shows that Kath is not the boss of everything. Christine signifies that there is someone who could ignore Kath and live life their own way. She shows that when there’s a bully, all you have to do is ignore them and eventually they will go away. She’s also special because she doesn’t fight back since her silence is the best answer to Kath and her rude behavior. 10. The theme of the story is to treat others the way you want to be treated and stand

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