Speak Up For The Animals Essay

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Speak up for the Animals Hunting is a popular sport not only in America but, all over the world. In Africa, Asia, and South America, there are many species that are becoming endangered and extinct because people are killing these animals to make a profit and also for trophies. Due to illegal hunting all over the world and our government not taking forceful actions, this planet is losing many endangered species and some are even becoming extinct. Many animals are hunted for small parts of their body and the rest is thrown out because these hunters cannot get money some of the time. Elephants are a good example of this, the World Wildlife Fund says, “Ivory estimated to weigh more than 23 metric tons—a figure that represents 2,500 elephants—was seized in the 13 largest seizures of illegal ivory in 2011”(WWF). This ivory is used to make small trinkets and novelties which are sold all over the world. Hunters often kill the elephant, cut off the tusks and either sell the body or throw it away. Hunters only do this with adult elephants because premature ones do not have their full tusks so, these hunters are killing parents which gives their babies no one to teach them how to survive properly. Elephants are huge pack animals are very family oriented so when you take a mother away from the baby, it affects the whole entire herd it is living in. Another example of this is tigers. All species of tigers are endangered and people kill huge packs of them for their fur. Once they skin…

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