Speak Up And Speak Out : Protecting Freedom Of Expression For Lgbt People

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In “Speak Up & Speak Out: Protecting Freedom of Expression for LGBT People,” by Article 19, 17 May 2014, the main discussion in this article includes the right to freedom of speech and rights as a human in general for LGBT people. In addition the article addresses other issues involving LGBT people such as, violence,inequality, and discriminatory laws. “Speak Up & Speak Out: Protecting Freedom of Expression for LGBT People,” is an article based on May 17th, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. It is a day when organizations, LGBT community members, and supporters, come together to unite and assure others that they have rights just like anyone else, regardless of their gender identity. Of course without there being people in the world who are against homosexuality or transgender people, this day would never have to happen. In addition there are many who are opposed to LGBT people which ties in with an example of an article named “Mike Pence Lamented ‘AIDS Activists’ Speaking at GOP Convention, Published Anti-Gay Articles in Indiana Journal,” by Ari Rabin-Havt, August 31,2016. This article introduces a few anti-gay pieces published in the Indiana Journal. To specifically talk about one titled “ ‘The Pinked Newsroom,’ published in the December 1993 issue, the publication lamented that The Wall Street Journal took part in a job fair for gay journalists. The piece claimed that ‘gaydom’ was a ‘pathological condition’...” The article addresses another…

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