Essay about Spanking Is A Controversial Topic Among Parents

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Spanking is a controversial topic among parents today. What justifies as acceptable punishment for children? One particular article titled “Spanking Isn’t Culture. It’s a Cycle of Abuse” was written by Thomas Meyers; in the article Meyers is arguing that spanking should not be used as a form of discipline for children. Meyers is clearly against using any type of corporal punishment as a means of discipline for children; he even refers that parents who spank their children as they were spanked as a child to a “cycle of abuse.”
In summary, Thomas Meyers states in his article that spankings are a cycle of abuse that must no longer be an acceptable means of punishment for children. Meyers opens with referring to the controversial topic of Adrian Peterson’s child abuse charges from late 2014, when Peterson was charged for using a switch to discipline his four year old son. Meyers goes on to tell a personal story about his grandmother spanking him and his siblings as children to correct their misbehavior. He blames the discipline she gave on her culture and stated that it was wrong. He states that violence used on children is wrong and is “linked to aggression, hyperactivity and emotional problems” (Meyers, 5). He states that there are right and wrong ways to discipline and spankings should be unacceptable, with his strongest statement being, “We can start by separating our cultural values from our shameful habits and call violent discipline what it is: abuse” (7). He closes with…

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