Spanish Influence On Indo European Culture

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Spanish has developed greatly over several centuries. Many immigrants, colonies, explorers or added words to the language have influenced the language itself. Spanish is the language that 332 million people call their own. The history of Spanish can go back at least back to the Indo-Europeans. Research by Historical Linguistics shows how the Indo-Europeans were connected with the Spanish language. To begin with, William Jones, a British judge who lived in India was the first person to suggest the possibility of Indo-European civilization in 1786. He began private lessons in Sanskrit which was where most of the languages of Europe share a strong resemblance. As time went on William Jones research got little attention at the time. In the 19th century the Grimm Brothers and other …show more content…
in Italy. The italic languages were also called the Romance langauges. Two branches were created from the Italic language group: Faliscan and Sabellic. Faliscan is represented by Latin but Sabellic represents all the other subgroup languages to Romance language. As well, in the 1st millennium B.C. the ancient Roman people were speaking Latin. The Romance languages were dialects of Vulgar Latin over several centuries and around 1200 A.D. Vulgar Latin dialects were different in some parts of Europe. Castilian borrowed many words from Mozarabic. In the 1200s, King Alfonso X was called the Learned King of Castile and Leon. Scholars wrote original works in Castilian and translated histories, and literacy works from different other languages. The Castilian dialect of Spanish gained wider attention during the reign of the Catholic monarchs. The most noticeable was Andalusian spoken in the Southern city of Seville in the Andalusia region. Seville became the main place for trading with the West Indies and other areas in the center of Spain. In the 19th century Andalusia got involved in the Napoleonic

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