Spanish Conquest

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The book called ¨The True History of the Conquest of New Spain¨ is a work by the author Bernal Diaz del Castillo, who was one of the soldiers participating in most of the days of the conquest of Mexico in the sixteenth century. Bernal Diaz del Castillo was a Spanish conquistador, who participated in the conquest of Mexico and was later alderman of the City of Guatemala. Each of the fourteen chapters become an experience for the reader. As shown in the simplicity of his style, Bernal Diaz del Castillo told in amazing fragment of when the Spaniards first entered the city of Mexico. The reason of this it is because Bernal Diaz del Castillo claimed that he was the only one conquistadors who participated in the three expeditions to explore the Yucatan …show more content…
All uncertainties as regards the role of Malinche in the Spanish conquest begin with its name and its many variants. She was known as Malinche, Malinche or Doña Marina was a Nahua woman the Gulf of Mexico that played an important role in the Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire. La Malinche served as interpreter, advisor, and intermediary lover of Hernan Cortés. In 1519, he was one of the twenty slave women given as a tribute to the Spaniards by the Indians of Tabasco, becoming mistress of Cortes and giving birth to her first son, Martin, who is considered one of the first mestizos (people with mixed European and indigenous) descent. I think in the actually, La Malinche is seen in many respects as the embodiment of betrayal, a victim or simply as a symbolic mother of the new mestizo cultures that emerge. According to Bernal Diaz del Castillo, Malinche parents were lords and chieftains of a town called "Copainala." After the death of his father, his mother remarried and had a son, which left Malinche as a convenient little stepdaughter. Due to its location, it was sold to a group of slavers from Xicalango, an important commercial city that was southeast of Mexico. After a war between the Maya and the Aztecs Potonchan area Xicalango, Malinche was ceded as a tribute to Tabscoob, Mayan cacique of Tabasco. All this happened when he was very young, so fluent their native …show more content…
So, the 20 women were distributed among the Spanish captains to serve in the field, Cortés insisted that they must be baptized. So, Malinche took the Christian name of "Marina" to which the soldiers of Cortes added the "Doña". After christen with the name of Marina, Cortes gave Alonso Hernandez Portocarrero, one of the most renowned captains of the expedition. However, shortly after Portocarrero returns to Spain as an emissary of Cortes to Charles V and Cortes gets the Malinche for its value as an interpreter between the Mayan language and Nahuatl, dealing Jeronimo de Aguilar (Spanish castaway who had been held captive and it was rescued by Cortes in Cozumel) of Maya-Spanish translation. Thus, with the use of three languages and two interpreters, they were carried out all contacts between Spaniards and Mexica, until Malinche learned Castilian.
Malinche can be translated as "noble prisoner," a reasonable possibility given his noble birth and his first relationship with the expedition of Cortes. Given all the changes the name of La Malinche, we can assume that her preferred name was "Marina" or "Doña Marina," because she chose and has not acquired the negative connotations that ravaged the name "Malinche" after her death

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