Essay on Spanish Conquest Of The Americas

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The Aztecs did not actually refer to themselves as Aztecs. In fact, a significant percentage of the Aztecs were of a tribe called the Mexica Tribe and the people were referred to as the Mexica People. The term Aztec was coined by the Spanish but was made popular by the Germans in the early 1900s. The topic of this essay is to find out if the Spanish Conquest of the Americas had a significant impact on the Aztecs. In the first paragraph, the way of life preceding Spanish arrival and interaction will be analysed in the 1st body paragraph. When and how the Spanish conquistadors arrived in the Americas and the purpose for their arrival will be the topic of the 2nd body paragraph. In the final body paragraph, the significance of Spanish colonisation on the Aztecs will be explored. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate that the Spanish Conquest of the Americas had a significant impact on the Aztecs by using sources to prove the thesis.

What was the culture and life of the Aztecs prior to Spanish arrival?
The Aztec Culture in the Americas was well structured and was very purposeful. They encouraged education for their children, this was important in the development of the Aztecs. The nobles in Aztec society also had perks and reserved priorities that the commoners didn’t have. Their religious beliefs were at the forefront of all their activities and gave equal respect and reverence to all their gods. Primary source one (Darlington states that the Nobles and the…

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