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The space shuttle in which the crew sat with the utmost anxiety consisted most importantly of the Orbiter vehicle, fundamentally considered by one Gaston (1991) as the brains and heart of the spaceship. Chyu & Cavin (1978) also described it that it contained pressurized crew compartment in which sat seven enthusiastic team members ready to ascent into the parts unknown. At the forward fuselage of this orbiter vehicle was the very same place you could see the cockpit, the living quarters and the experiment operator’s station. A lady moved back and forth in the cockpit as she pressed this button, pulled that plug, turned this on and switched that off repeatedly
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Immediately the external tank was jettisoned to burn in the atmosphere, the spacecraft’s Orbital Maneuvering System engines came to play. They provided the thrust required for the crews rendezvous as well as providing up to 1,000 pounds of propellant directed to the craft’s aft control system (Gaston,1991). Almost spontaneously, both orbital maneuvering system engines raised the orbiter to a predetermined elliptical orbit saving the crew from this ominous stage of their rather dangerous journey. The responsible individuals in the spacecraft appeared to be rich in ideas as they steadily kept the attitude by swiveling the Orbital maneuvering system engines and carefully waited for the OMS-2 thrusting position (Vegas, …show more content…
Using the available instruments, she transmitted the first clear and close range color pictures of the surface while the others scooped up soil samples for more detailed analysis of the planet’s chemistry. They had landed at the foothills of the mountainous region known by man as Phoebe, south of the Venusians equator below the volcanic region of Beta. There were few impact craters on the planet’s surface confirming that it must have been young. These craters were, as Reimold (2010) put it, circular depressions in the surface of the planet evidently formed by the hypervelocity impact of the smaller body with the surface of the planet. The craters, as argued out by Reimold (2010) had raised rims and floors that were lower than the surrounding landscape and made impressions of giant creatures from afar, but the crew was far too surprised by what they were looking at to even mind their biggest worries. These dominant geographic features ranged from small, simple, bowl-shaped depressions to large and more complex multi-ringed basins (Taylor, 1999) creating an artistic impression of a

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