Soviet Union And Domestic Social Conformity Essay

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Looking back in history, the 1950’s and the 1960’s are a time of tense foreign relations with the Soviet Union and domestic social conformity. The Federal Government, along with corporate entities, peddled a narrative of anti-communist propaganda by pushing for the ideals of a nuclear family and consumerism. Anti-Communist propaganda shaped the social and political lifestyle for Americans across the country. Because the Federal Government shaped the social norms of this era, Americans were forced to adhere to the ideals of a strict, consumer based, nuclear family. However, many felt discontent with these new social norms that were forced upon them. As a result, political movements such as Feminism, Black Power, and Union movements, sprung up in order to criticize the antiquated social policies of this era. During the midst of the Cold War, the narrative of obtaining the ideal of a consumeristic nuclear family was pushed upon the American people. Through propaganda, Americans were encouraged to subscribe to an ideology of capitalistic consumerism. In the 1959 Kitchen Debates, Nikita Khrushchev of the Soviet Union and Vice President Richard Nixon got into a debate on which form of economy is superior for advancing society. In this exchange, Nixon pointed out that the American People had better technology such as color television, while pointing out the soviets had better weapons. By doing so, Nixon was peddling the narrative that American People had a better domestic…

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