Southwest Airlines: A Mission, Objective, Budget, And Marketing Strategy

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When creating any product - no matter how great your product is- it is vital you have a marketing and business plan. I believe no business can or will succeed without a Mission, Objective, Budget, and Marketing Plan. I have witness several businesses from a variety of people fail or not succeed because they fail to develop a Marketing and Business Plan. Without the proper preparation for any business or any product they will face higher chances of lacking its full potential. In addition, there are so many other contributing factors to a business not being successful which includes but not limited to: not employing an accurate staff, paying of wages to staff as well a lack of training can have a negative influence on a business or product’s success. As a result, a business is doomed for failure if they do not have a Business Plan and Marketing Strategy.

First, no business is successful in the beginning, every business faces hardships and challenges when just opening. As many have quoted, “no great success was ever achieved without failure.” I recall my sister stating she had a business idea she wanted to begin. I ask her what was it and she said teaching swim lesson around Metro
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Southwest Airline pricing strategy includes low fare cost: competition-Based pricing gives them an enviable marketing advantage, price leadership strategy during these economic downtowns has contributed to their surplus productivity capacity, cost leadership strategy targeted those traveling roundtrip, commuting, and on a tight budget. Next is competition; no other airlines were offering low fares and bags fly free service. Lastly, value to customers is another vital strategy; great value for the cost, on time arrivals, fun friendly

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