Southwest Airlines Challenges

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Southwest airlines have long been a successful airline company and has landed top ten in FORTUNES most admired companies multiple years in a row. Southwest is widely known for sticking to their original success formula that consists of serving no meals (only snacks), charging no fees to change same-fare tickets, consisting of no assigned seating, it has no electronic entertainment on their planes, simply relying on persistently fun/outgoing flight attendants to entertain their passengers.
One of Southwest’s main reasons for success is their attainment of low turnaround time. They can accomplish fast take-off and landing times due to their high level of teamwork, coordination, and flexibility among different employees and occupational groups.
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With big name airline companies, such as JetBlue, offering excellent customer service as well as luxury and conformability on flight, it is taking away some of Southwest’s customers. However, Southwest has still been able to keep their loyal customers and new customers who love a good bargain. Although, in 2013, “Southwest transported roughly 133 million enplaned passengers, and its revenues outside freight and passenger operations fell 2.5% to $815 million. US hybrid airline JetBlue carried 30 million passengers in 2013; but recorded ancillary revenue of $670 million, of which $170 million was derived from its Even More offering (extra legroom, priority boarding and in some cases expedited security clearance)” (Southwest Airlines, 2014). Southwest counterbalances this with their awesome human resource department allowing them to sustain the ever-competitive airline …show more content…
Being a part of a hospital or within a sports organization, it is all about communication and knowledge within your field but as well as your company and company policies. If there is a problem with the hospital or sports organization, you should feel comfortable writing to your managers, head of department or coaching staff explaining your concerns. This will give workers a sense of belonging in the company and could bring additional revenue to a company if the employee has a good idea. I wish to eventually work for a hospital or sports organization and I only hope that it will follow similar employee policies as Southwest

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