Southwest Airlines Culture Case Study

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Southwest airlines have long been a successful airline company and has landed top ten in FORTUNES most admired companies multiple years in a row. Southwest is widely known for sticking to their original success formula that consists of serving no meals (only snacks), charging no fees to change same-fare tickets, consisting of no assigned seating, it has no electronic entertainment on their planes, simply relying on persistently fun/outgoing flight attendants to entertain their passengers.
One of Southwest’s main reasons for success is their attainment of low turnaround time. They can accomplish fast take-off and landing times due to their high level of teamwork, coordination, and flexibility among different employees and occupational groups.
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For example, the fact that employees are encouraged to complain or ask questions to their CEO is an aspect of their culture. This shows that the company inspires the importance of employee relation and communication throughout the company. They also have a “culture committee” in which 127 members in different parts of the company meet with the Executive Vice President to discuss any issues or problems that have been a concern. The CFO stated that their “culture” is almost like their religion in which they openly approve and celebrate the way they are. Andy Serwer, a CNN reporter, stated about Southwest’s culture that “it is the only airline that maintains an investment-grade rating on its debt--a remarkable accomplishment in that business. And keeping a hawk 's eye on costs is just as much a part of the company 's culture as its silliness.” Kelleher and the managers he hired have promoted a major part of keeping the culture alive. The unions that embrace their culture also play a major part of maintaining the culture. I also believe that the employees of Southwest play a major role, because without employees, there would be no

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