South Korea And The Soviet Union After The End Of Wwii Essay

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South Korea became a nation in 1948 following a breakdown in negotiation talks between U.N./U.S.A. officials and the Soviet Union after the end of WWII. From this breakdown two countries emerged, North Korea and South Korea. A leftist communist regime materialized in the North under its leader Kim Il-Sung, and a democratic ideology was pursued in the South with the election of the first South Korean President Lee Sung-Man. For the purpose of the paper I will look at the country that emerged in the South. To do so I read, South Korea Since 1980. South Korea Since 1980 was written by Dr. Uk Heo with help and input from Terence Roehrig. It was published by Cambridge University Press in 2010, with a reprint in 2011 to accommodate for the passing of North Korea’s proletariat leader Kim Jung-Il.
The book is part of a larger collection produced by Cambridge University called “The World Since 1980.” The purpose of this series is to, “examine politics, economics, and social change in important countries and regions over the past two and a half decades.” The inclusion of South Korea in this series, which includes powers like the U.S., Britain, and France, is argued by Uk Heo. In his book, South Korea Since 1980 he lays out his claims as to why South Korea is an emerging power, and as Cambridge University stated of the series, an important country over the past two and a half decades.
Uk Heo is currently teaching political science at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. He…

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