Analysis Of Asian Big Brother In 1984 By George Orwell

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The Asian Big Brother
In the small and isolated country of East Asia, North Korea is a terrible place to live. The Supreme Leader, Kim Jong Un, is the dictator of the small communist country. Kim Jong Un Uses various methods to keep his people under his control. He dictates his country very similar to the way Big Brother dictates in George Orwell’s dystopian science fiction novel, 1984. In the book 1984, the main character, Winston, is a normal outer party member, which is someone controlled by the inner party and Big Brother. Big Brother is a figure of the inner party that everyone thinks is real, and the people of Oceania must love Big Brother and believe anything he says. This is the basic concept of the story and when Winston tries to rebel he is shut down. This shows that the world in 1984 is similar to the life in North Korea because it is communist and it
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When they are captured and put into room 101 they were being “treated” which means they are being brainwashed. At this point in the story it became clear to the readers that there is no escaping Oceania, or anything that the Inner Party wants to do. In an article by Wendy Do she states, “There is no freedom; there is no escape. Once a North Korean, always a North Korean.”( 1 ) This explains that Kim Jong Un traps his citizens in his country and they may never escape. This process is made by brainwashing the rebels to want to stay inside North Korea and love it. It is also impossible to rebel against the government without being seen almost immediately. In the article, The Asian Big Brother : North Korea it says “Isolated under a military dictatorship that watches an individual’s action” ( Do 1 ), clearly this is like in Oceania because the Inner Party knew Winston was rebelling against the government the whole time. This shows how Big Brother is closely related to Big Brother and are the same

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