South African Music And Its Impact On South Africa Essay

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Few months ago, when we interviewed the legendary South African music “regents” Mahotella Queens after their gig at WOMAD, they revealed us…
“We recently played in London with a band called Count Drachma: three white guys playing Zulu music. They were playing our music and they were white!
Can you see what I am saying? South African guys are going to be shocked!”

As soon as we got the opportunity, we seized the moment and met those “three white guys playing Zulu music” minutes before their London show at The Old Queens Head organized by the Nest Collective.
…and we discovered that their relation with South African tradition was deeper and more conscious than just playing Zulu music.

We have spoken with Oli Steadman, who next to his brother Rob, is the founding member of the project and part of the folk band Stornoway

The first thing we inevitably tried to understand was Count Drachma relation with South Africa.
Oli immediately explained us…
“I was born and grew up there.
However, under a musical perspective, I learn to read music and play instruments only when I arrived in the UK.
In South Africa I was learning music by ear and phonetically but also learning the languages helped me a lot, so I can say that I grew up with South African traditional music”.

As a matter of fact, Zulu tradition has always been essential in Oli’s formative years:
“South African traditional tunes and Zulu music were what part of my family was listening to.
Then, by the time I was 15, I…

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