Essay on Sound Is An Amazing Spectacle

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Sound is an amazing spectacle, it is a thing that is made up of vibrating waves that move up and down back and forth. Two ways to think of sound in a real life example are: 1st a slinky; the way it jiggles back and forth is much like how a sound wave can jiggle, 2ond a water wave; the way that the wave looks much like a squiggly horizontal line that is what sound waves act much like. A vibration, A.K.A the up and down slinky motion and the to and fro water wave motion, are called vibrations. A definition of vibration is “ A periodic wiggle in time” (Hewitt), meaning a wiggle that happens periodically- over and over- and that takes up time. A wave is “ A periodic wiggle in both space and time” (Hewitt), this definition adds the space meaning that this is a three dimensional thing that is now happening. With the space now involved a way is something that extends from one space to another, much like light sound operates in waves extending from an object making a sound to something else bouncing off until it eventually reaches our ears. But before a sound can even reach your ears it has to have a medium in which to propagate in. A sound can pass through air and even water along with other mediums. But without a medium for which sound can pass, it cannot pass through. That is why sound cannot propel through space. After sound is able to reach our ears our body then takes those sound waves and is able to magically process them and that processing is known as hearing.
But before…

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