Sophocles Oedipus The King

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The play I chose for this report is Oedipus The King by Sophocles. Sophocles grew up in near Athens, Greece to an upper middle class family. His father made armor and was able to ensure that his son received a good education. As he grew so did Athens power. Sophocles entered the public arena during Athens golden age, which netted him prestige. Sophocles added the third actor to the stage and focus more on characterization than playwright before him. He was popular at the time and was well known for his work.

Major Characters:

Oedipus - lead character

Jokasta - Oedipus's wife

Kreon - Jokasta's brother and Oedipus's brother-in-law

Tiresias - A trusted prophet


The play opens with a terrible plague striking Thebes. Oedipus
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Oedipus infuriated by this and declares Tiresias insane. Before Tiresias leaves, he gives one last bit of information; Laius’s killer will be both father and brother to his own children and son to his wife. Oedipus consults with his wife, Jokasta who insists that prophecies are always wrong and tells him of a prophecy told to Laius years before. He was told that his son would kill him. Instead Jokasta explains he was killed at a crossroads before Oedipus saved …show more content…
He had killed group of men at a crossroads before reaching Thebes and he had heard a rumor in Corinth that he was adopted. Oedipus needs answers and sends for a shepherd who got rid of Laius and Jokasta’s son years before. The shepherd revealed that he gave the child to a royal family in Corinth. Oedipus realizes who his parents are and what he has done. Oedipus horrified, rushes to his wife’s room to find she has hung herself. He proceeds to gouge his eyes out and begs Kreon to send him away. Kreon allows him to say goodbye to his daughters and then exiles him.

Acting Potential:

Oedipus – Oedipus is the new King of Thebes. He becomes king by solving a Sphinx’s riddle that had besieged Thebes. He seeks the truth and justice relentlessly. He is an honorable, honest, and a good king of Thebes.

Kreon – The brother-in-law of Oedipus (also his uncle) and Jokasta’s brother. He is power hungry and wishes that he could be king instead of Oedipus.

Tiresias – An old blind prophet. He is wise and trusted by both Oedipus and Kreon.

Jokasta – Oedipus’s wife (also biological mother) and Kreon’s sister. Jokasta is a peacekeeper who dislikes conflict.


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