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英语国家概况(谢福之主编) 课后答案
I. Choose the one that best completes each of the following statements.
1. The two main islands of the British Isles are . A. Great Britain and Ireland B. Great Britain and Scotland C. Great Britain and Wales D. Great Britain and England
2. is the capital city of Scotland. A. Belfast B. Edinburgh C. Aberdeen D. Cardiff
3. According to a 2005 estimate, Britain now has a population of over million. A. 160 B. 600 C. 60 D. 16
4. Among the four parts of the United Kingdom, is the smallest. A. England B. Scotland C. Wales D. Northern Ireland
5. Almost a quarter of the British population lives in England. A.
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William the Conqueror D. Alfred the Great
14. The marked the establishment of feudalism in England. A. Viking invasion B. signing of the Magna Carta C. Norman Conquest D. Adoption of common law
15. The end of the Wars of the Roses led to the rule of . A. the House of Valois B. the House of York C. the House of Tudor D. the House of Lancaster
16. The direct cause for the Religious Reformation was King Henry VIII’s effort to . A. divorce his wife B. break with Rome C. support the Protestants D. declare his supreme power over the church
17. The English Civil War broke out in 1642 between . A. Protestants and Puritans B. Royalists and Parliamentarians C. nobles and peasants D. aristocrats and Christians
18. was passed after the Glorious Revolution. A. Bill of Rights B. Act of Supremacy C. Provisions of Oxford D. Magna Carta
19. The Industrial Revolution was accomplished in Britain by the middle of the century. A. 17th B. 18th C. 19th D. 20th
20. Britain faced strong challenges in its global imperial dominance by the beginning of the century. A. 17th B. 18th C. 19th D. 20th
21. The British government is characterized by a division of powers between three of the following branches with the exception of the . A. judiciary B. legislature C. monarchy D. executive
22. The

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