Solving And Categorizing Social Situations, Troubles, And Social Issues

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Prompt 3:
Before evaluating and categorizing social situations as “troubles” or “social issues”, we first must have a clear understanding of the two classifications. Troubles are personal. They are, “a result of something they did or did not do.” (Page 32). Social issues refer more to a problem within in a society that can affect individuals. Social issues are more of an outside perspective and influences. In order to evaluate situations, we have to use social imagination. Mills defined social imagination as, “the ability to look beyond what he called the personal troubles of individuals to see the public issues of social structure- that is, the social forces operating in the larger society.” (Page 30) Mills wasn’t saying that viewing individual problems is a bad thing, but, we must look at all problems through both perspectives; there could be bigger world problems that are influencing the individual. Major problems such as violence, unemployment, and racism can be an individual problem or social issue depending on the circumstances.
The first thoughts that might come to mind when thinking of “violence” is a person committing crimes, abusive relationships, damage to property, rioting, and war. After reading the text I would say violence is more of a social issue. I say this because usually there are many factors that stir up violence. A child might be very violent compared to his classmates, but he could have learned that behavior from his family. The child could have a…

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